The Cedars Of Lebanon

by Khalil Gibran (1883 - 1931)

The way seemed long and rough -
The path lost among hills -
Lonliness spoke with yearning -
And silence harkened -
Ay - silence, the eternal voice of the unknown.
The birds sand of deep sorrow.
The brooks murmured painfully as if
wounded by the sharp edges of rock
The breeze passed sighing as the bereaved mother.
All the flowers lowly bent their withered necks,
and wept with heavy eyelids -
And I, with my heart alone journeyed with tired limbs
Behind me silence -
Before me Loneliness -
Within me fear.

And I came to the place where all the paths of Life meet,
There I fell a wounded prey before the face of despair

And it was there that I heard unseen great wings
moving about me,
And as I turned my eyes I saw Thee
Standing before me as the cedar of God on Lebanon -
I knew thee because the light was in thine eyes,
And the motherly smile on thine lips.

You blessed me with a touch,
and whispered to my soul these words -
" Follow me child, I am thy guide "
" I shall reveal what sorrow doth hide "
I followed Thee
The path before us wide and adorned with countless flowers.
Silence releasing hidden secrets
and unveiling dreams of Love.
The birds singing of joy as if wellcoming an eternal spring.
The brooks dancing,
The breeze gently kissing the ends of the branches -
All the flowers looking upward
and greeting the sun with smiles.
And I beside Thee, a found child.
Behind me contentment
Before me joy
Within me Love.

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