Press Release - Cedars of Lebanon Reforestation Project

Saturday, September 06, 2003 - Calgary Alberta

Cedar's Project Announces
Change in Relationship with Bruce Balfour

John Lucas, President of The Cedars of Lebanon Reforestation Project wishes to announce that Former Field Director Bruce Balfour is no longer associated with the Project. Increasing differences between Mr. Balfour's statements since arriving back in North America from prison in Lebanon on September 3rd. and the objectives of the project were cited as the reason for the change.

" The Cedars project will be carried on by other Project representatives and alternative measures are being sought in working with those inside and outside of Lebanon to achieve these objectives. The Project is no longer responsible for any remarks that Bruce Balfour has made, or will make in the future concerning the Cedars of Lebanon project with which he is no longer affiliated in a leadership role."

Statements by Mr. Balfour issued in Los Angeles indicated that the project of planting the Cedars was dead, due to his negative experience and knowledge of the current Lebanese prison and justice system. Balfour indicated that he now is dedicated to a new campaign of speaking up in defense of those that are unjustly imprisoned and mistreated in the Lebanese prison system.

While the Cedars Project is in sympathy with these goals in general, it has not given up hope on all Lebanese officials. We believe that there are many Lebanese in the various levels of government, such as the department of Agriculture,who do indeed have the best interests of their country at heart. They would act towards these goals when the conditions to do so are present.

The human rights objectives however, are not within the mandate of the Cedar's Project and do not nullify or cancel the goal of continuing the efforts to see the Cedar's replanted on the barren slopes of Lebanon.

Cedar's volunteer Larry Heather, in charge of communications for the project, said that Lebanese Human rights leaders in North America, upon learning of Balfour's statements that the replanting project was terminated, were shocked and crestfallen. " They were surprised to hear that the entire continuance of the project was dependent upon the involvement of just one worker, as if there was no one else who was capable of carrying out the duties of the field director. I wish to assure them that plans are in the works to continue the project, and that God is sovereign over both the replanting of the Cedars, and the welfare and hopes of the Lebanese for their future. "

Heather notes that the original founder of the Cedars Project, Rev. Grant Livingstone would be retiring from his post in Israel, to return to Canada in the near future. It is expected that Rev. Livingstone will be involved in the Cedar's Project leadership from the Canadian front. The latest developments will be posted on the project's website at

To contact Cedars of Lebanon for further details email Larry Heather at or phone at 1-403-253-0676.




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